Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What $170 does

CACE gives 20% of its handicraft sales back to the community. This year, the artisans of Jenaro Herrera earned 500 soles, or about $170, for their town´s school.

Campbell asked Elox Pacaxa, principal of Jenaro Herrera school, what his school needed, and Elox drafted a wish list.

We bought most of the items at Jenaro Herrera´s biggest general store -- the kind of place that sells cake, cola, t-shirts on robocop manequinns, butter by the spoonful, notebooks, machetes and miscellaneous buttons in four-liter jugs.

Elox read his wish list to the store owner (shirtless, with hairy nipples).

This is what $170 buys at Jenaro Herrera:

1 Hewlett Packard printer
3 ink cartridges for printer
3000 pages of computer paper
2 dozen bottles of toilet cleaner
2 dozen brooms
500 pages of drawing paper
48 packets of ACE detergent
1 kilogram of rubber cement
2 locks
10 colored poster boards
20 pills for pain and infections
5 packets of Vick´s vapor rub
1bottle of disinfectant
1 white-out pen
3 pens

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